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Performance is the first criteria in our design process. Blazer sets the standard when it comes to what you expect from your boat when you need control and maneuverability on the water.

We’ve designed our boats with the angler in mind. We know the performance you need from your boat in order to get ahead the crowd. In a Blazer, you can be at that secret fishing spot before anyone knows where you went. Our motto, high performance boats for high performance anglers, drives our design and vision for all of the models Blazer produces.


Each Blazer Boat is custom manufactured by hand in our factory in Pensacola, Florida. The custom nature of our boat construction yields higher quality than any assembly line can produce. Every step of construction is closely monitored by employees that have decades of experience in composite boat construction. We definitely don’t produce the most boats; but we produce the best boats.

American made since 1978, Blazer Boats has been a leader in the industry. We started with a small line of boats and have grown to a full line of in shore and near-shore bay boats and some of the most sought-after and best bay boats on the market. The resale value of a Blazer Boat is higher than nearly all other boat brands out there. Blazers Boats, known for our performance and backed up with a warranty that's second to none.

Experience the all new Blazer 650 Pro Tour. It’s longer and wider while still maintaining the performance you’ve come to expect from Blazer's best bass boats. The 650 Pro Tour is packed with features that tournament anglers need to be at their best at every level, from the weekend angler up to the highest level of professional bass fishing.

  • Overall Length: 21 Feet 4 Inches
  • LOA w/ Trailer & Motor: 28 Feet 8 Inches
  • Maximum HP: 300
  • Recommended HP: 250
  • Beam: 96 Inches
  • Transom Height: 20 Inches
  • Approx. Weight Dry: 1800lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 50 Gallons
  • Maximum Capacity: 1400lbs
  • Livewell Capacity: 40 Gallons
  • Front Deck Length: 102 Inches

The Blazer 625 Pro Elite is the newest model of high performance bass boats. The 625 is the ultimate in performance, features, deck space, storage capacity and SPEED. No other boat model on the market this size and with this many features will perform as the 625 Pro Elite will. NONE. Bold statements for a bold boat.

  • Overall Length: 20 Feet 6 Inches
  • LOA w/ Trailer & Motor: 27 Feet 2 Inches
  • Beam: 7 Feet 9 Inches
  • Approx. Weight Dry: 1400 Lbs. Boat Only
  • Maximum Capacity: 1400 Lbs.
  • Maximum HP: Unlimited
  • Recommended HP: 250 HP
  • Transom Height: 20 Inches
  • Fuel Capacity: Twin 25 Gallon Tanks

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